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Community challenges
Community challenges

You identified a personal and individual challenge, but you realized it can be applied to a community or even globally. Bring up new insights, ideas and projects that tackle a collective problem like:

  • creation of smart and resilient cities
  • education access in rural areas and quality skill up programs
  • responsible tourism
  • Clean water and sanitation
  • Advocacy

And all the issues related to the SDG’s, learn more about them in our resources.

Create a private group of your project if you want to discuss further a well-structured concept with a team.

harryporterWould be
I am a Software developer for security services

You could monitor your devices power consumption with a power meter to add on a plug, so choose the appropriate device based on the softwares and performance you need.

For example, to only browse the internet for social media or news, your smartphone only consumes ~10W. But if you need a bigger screen, use a Raspberry Pi and an energy saving monitor (or reduce brightness to your), which is ~3W for the RPi and range 7-20W for monitor.

Or use a tablet instead of laptop or desktop (which without screen could consume 70W!)!

Or reduce the traffic you generate sending... (More)