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This is a show-room where the hardest systemic issues or the best growing solutions can become an inspirational and rapid model to guide your projects to the next step, mainly in another geographical region.

Get high-quality news from the NHU Team about trending global issues that should receive a highlight, and social entrepreneurs that are efficiently tackling them.


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Giovanni updated 2 years ago
[Idea] Discussion
Idea Phase 5 - Growth
Giovanni Turri
CIO and Co-Founder of NewHopeU

[Example post] Our great kit / solution / product / service

This is the final version.

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Thank you all for the collaboration

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[Idea] Discussion
Giovanni Turri
CIO and Co-Founder of NewHopeU

Foster Universal Internet Access

BRCK [] is a rugged router designed for harsh environments with limited connectivity and power, which is able to hop between various sources of connectivity and has a built-in battery for use in the event of a blackout.

From 2017 it has received many awards and distributed internet and educational content not only in Kenya but in many countries!

A recommended solution to explore!