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Rescue Wing
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This is the group of Erick, Joanna and Martha who joint energies and want to promote education to young females
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Our mission is to support and educate women around the world in order to minimize violence against women, develop equal rights, raise awareness about menstrual hygiene and to identify and understand different psychosocial problems faced by women to ensure their safety and security. Our project seeks to collaborate with other organizations to implement our programs in different regions.

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Giovanni Turri
CIO and Co-Founder of NewHopeU

Donate to their Fundraising campaigns

Please consider to sustain their two fundraising campaigns to END ALL FORMS OF GENDER, CHILDREN AND YOUNG GIRLS ABUSE 



Thank you, you're making a difference in some people life concretely!

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Giovanni Turri
CIO and Co-Founder of NewHopeU

Great results of the first day of the event on SDG5 - Women empowerment

Yesterday NewHopeU and Global Change Makers introduced the first day of the international event!

More than 40 people brainstormed in the breakout rooms about gender violence related topics!

We'll announce the results to make them more concrete and scalable in this platform.

Follow at for new updates!

Giovanni Turri
CIO and Co-Founder of NewHopeU
Rescue Wing is starting a drawing competition! Join them now, the deadline is coming!