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Engaged teams need to also have hard skills to be truly successful. Here you can filter users’ detailed skills list, so you can look for who may suit your skills gap.

This is the ideal place for “head hunters” or who want to pick up manually new teammates and want to make confrontations.

Are you a “skill proposer” - make sure you are specific, and indicate the areas of expertise or desired field of work that matches your purpose.


Specify in the post which specific skill you are looking for when using "Rare skill"!


- Question: To ask for specific skill sets, “ask to answer” to specific users, fluid box to choose the best talent

- Discussion: To announce a request or open an opportunity posting where different figures discuss in the comments.

- Blog: for spontaneous applicants that want to be engaged with some projects.

Strategist for high-impact, business innovation enthusiast , public speaker

An Italian working on social innovation in different places, developing specific skills you may find helpful:

  • Business opportunities analysis following the POCD Framework (People, Opportunity, Context, Deal) in the fields of: edtech, preventive healthcare, youth-lead organization planning, and government-citizens relationship
  • Execution engine development: Optimize human capital, draw mid-long roadmaps, finding relevant contacts, escaping the partnerships traps, or competition analysis.
  • Networking skill: learn how to approach, conquer, and retain a connection for individual and organization purposes
  • Storytelling for change, donors relations: make your presentations stand out, build relationships,and bring funding to next levels
  • Community mobilizer, motivation... (More)
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Blog Post
Giovanni Turri
CIO and Co-Founder of NewHopeU

ICT Italian Engineer for Sustainability and Global Development

I'm 24 yo (1996). During my short work experience, I've developed skills for various scenarios:

  • Web design and platform customization
  • Startup business planning, especially in sectors like Industrial, Utilities, FoodTech and DeepTech
  • Project and Product Management and certifications (especially ElectroMagnetic Compatibility)
  • Community Management and leadership
  • Graphic Design and Animations
  • Augmented Reality

I've technical knowledge of:

  • Internet of Things embedded systems' Hardware Design and programming
  • BigData analysis and Machine Learning
  • Telecommunications protocols

Actually I'm finishing my MSc in "Electronics for ICT" and planning for a stage in Schneider Electric Corp. until August 2021.

I'm open to minor collaborations... (More)