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Welcome on NewHopeU
Welcome on NewHopeU
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You just joined the NHU community, where people and projects thrive daily!

This is your space to introduce yourself briefly. Tell who you are, why you joined, what is your project or skill superpower,  and what is the change you want to see. Basically share your Vision, you may recall our first knowledge materials.

Enjoy the feeds and move to other topics or groups in our platform, this is just the start - you can network in the “networking channel”.


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  3. Complete your profile as soon as possible to become a “pro” and gain points.
  4. Have fun changing the world :)
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Giovanni liked 2 years ago
Blog Post

Newcomer? This who I am!

Good day everyone! I hope your day is going amazingly. You just stepped in a diverse community!

@Giovanni Turri and I Co-founded Newhopeu, and I am in charge of the overall development, strategy and growth.

I don't like to talk about myself too much, let's talk about YOU! Are you ready to share your community problems, build teams, ideate with global knowledge and implement projects?

Leading the change in a period of crisis is challenging, yet our creativity is stimulated more than ever - there are not recipes or rules for Social change, it's your time!

This place... (More)

Idrissa liked 8 months ago
Blog Post
Giovanni Turri
CIO and Co-Founder of NewHopeU

My presentation for newcomers

Hi all, you should know me but here's my presentation ;)

I'm Giovanni, the Co-Founder with @Omid Gholamzadeh Nasrabadi of NewHopeU and IT Solution Architect.

I really hope you like the set up of this platform for the original aim: networking for the creation of social enterprises' projects or start-ups!

In this virtual space you will meet many young wannabe entrepreneurs, social activists, changemakers and youths with the desire to have a positive impact on people lives (like me)!

I'm trying to come up with innovative solutions that can benefit society widely and sustainably!!
Yep, quite a hard... (More)