Pushcart Classroom has 3 segments listed below:

Let’s Play!
(Games and Recreation)
This segment will serve as the motivation and review part of the class for about 20- 25 minutes. This will address the needs of the children for fun and enjoyment through games and play while learning.

Let’s Explore!
(Laboratory and Exploration)
This is where competencies listed in the curriculum are reinforced with appropriate activities for better understanding. Educators can tell stories, demonstrate skills, conduct experiments, show pictures, conduct film viewing, stage puppet shows and all sorts of strategies to impart important life concepts among the learners. This can take another 20- 25 minutes.

Let’s Think!
(Reflection and Application)
In this segment, the educator will help learners to integrate their learning and come up to a realization and possible application to their lives. This may take 15- 20 minutes that can be delivered through drawing and illustrating activities, asking questions, soliciting commitments and actual demonstrations.

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