Good day everyone! I hope your day is going amazingly. You just stepped in a diverse community!

@Giovanni Turri  and I Co-founded Newhopeu, and I am in charge of the overall development, strategy and growth.

I don't like to talk about myself too much, let's talk about YOU! Are you ready to share your community problems, build teams, ideate with global knowledge and implement projects?

Leading the change in a period of crisis is challenging, yet our creativity is stimulated more than ever - there are not recipes or rules for Social change, it's your time!

This place is bringing order to the flow of information we encounter everyday, positivity, cohesion and hope. We are looking forward to bringing the light to the underserved communities globally, hopefully with a buddy you will find here!

I am happy to connect with like-minded people, and share my skills (share yours in the skillmarket group) and put in service all my expertise in social innovation, startups, development, and international collaboration.

Expanding my learning curve in terms of SDG's as follows:

#1 (Poverty eradication) #3 (health equity) #4(quality education) #17 (Partnerships)