An Italian working on social innovation in different places, developing specific skills you may find helpful:

  • Business opportunities analysis following the POCD Framework (People, Opportunity, Context, Deal) in the fields of: edtech preventive healthcare, youth-lead organization planning, and government-citizens relationship
  • Execution engine development: Optimize human capital, draw mid-long roadmaps, finding relevant contacts, escaping the partnerships traps, or competition analysis.
  • Networking skill: learn how to approach, conquer, and retain a connection for individual and organization purposes
  • Storytelling for change, donors relations: make your presentations stand out, build relationships,and bring funding to next levels
  • Community mobilizer, motivation and ambassadors programs advisor
  • Missing something? We will figure out when interacting with you!

"Technical" knowledge:

  • most of the financial statements needed for startup business planning
  • best practices for policy in the youth empowerment and education 

I value a lot human and brain performance, if you enjoy the topic let's have a chat.

Currently mixing formal education, and projects.

Happy to connect, have a chat about your story and projects!